Thursday, January 04, 2007

Two goals done

Well, I had a profitable day yesterday. I spent the morning working on making the triangles for the Star of David quilt and then spent the afternoon putting all the pieces together. Ta-Da!!! Star of David Flimsy done! Now what to do about quilting it. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm not so sure about the placement of colors but it's too late now. It looks nice. Why I made it I don't know. Just to say I did I guess.

Once the flimsy was done I went back to the Feathered Star block and spent till nearly 9:00 doing that too. Ta-Da!! January's block is finished! Wow, I'm really ahead of myself.

I guess my next project is going to be another Prayer and Square quilt or maybe a word quilt. Recently I'm thinking about putting the batiks on hold and doing a word quilt in scraps. It's amazing how I change my course of thought every day. I guess first off is cleaning up the sewing room! Tetsu's bound to complain that it looks worse than when Leiya lived there!

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