Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yeah Ochiai-san!

Today is a busy day so no time to spend on the computer. Sorry.

Yesterday I spent the early afternoon with Ochiai-san. I get so enthusiastic about the different blogs I read and the projects I see that I drag her along on the internet to look at everything forgetting that she doesn't really read English or at least not at a speed that would keep up with me. I already spend at least an hour reading blogs and that's in my native language! Anyway I gave her a challenge to get those pretty Carolina Lily blocks done (she has 12 to do) and this morning she reports that she's finished 6! (She was already to the finishing stem part.) Here I was challenging her to do one block a month or maybe one a week and she finished 6 in three or four hours! Good for you Ochiai-san!

Nope. I didn't meet my norm of quilting one block a day yesterday so I hope I can put some time in this evening and get one done if not two. I've started quilting the border too, so that is what is pulling me down. (Excuses, excuses).

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