Tuesday, May 22, 2007

High school prom

I have been having so much fun getting e-mails from Leiya and her family in the States! For any of you American bloggers, you may think, "what's the big deal?", but for my Japanese family and friends we all say "Wow! What an experience!"

Leiya went to her high school prom! The reason that is so exciting is because there is no such thing in Japan. Boys and girls and not supposed to do things together (on the sly they do of course) and the school and society frowns on high school dating. Unless you become a movie or TV star, not many girls in Japan will ever have a chance to get dressed up in a long dress, go to a dance, have dinner at a fancy restaurant and stay out all night! Especially not a high school student!

Leiya and Bessie (I don't want to use the phrase host mother) have been keeping us informed with e-mails and pictures about the preparation for the prom and the details. Such fun! Such fun to see Leiya so excited and happy! Going shopping, getting her hair done, planning things with her friends. She worries about spending too much money but it is worth it toTetsu and me just knowing that she is having these experiences.

It is funny, since I don't really recall being all that excited about my own high school prom experience. It was the first time I ever wore make-up, the first time to stay out all night, but besides that... But living it vicariously through Leiya has been so much fun! She tells us about her reasons for the choice of dress, about her hair style, about dinner and dancing, about her friends. To be so young and exuberant!

I'd love to show you lots of pictures of Leiya and her friends, but I think I have to ask permission so here is a small one of Leiya and one of the limousine. Limousine! Wow!
I think Leiya looks very beautiful! Tetsu agrees and is happy for her... but he likes her being a little girl better (don't all fathers?) Too adult looking for him! The high school girl who comes for English was very envious when she saw the pictures. Mrs. Yano predicted Tetsu would be upset seeing the low-cut dress. (He wasn't.). Most of my friends are amazed and realize once again how different Japanese and American cultures are. All of us are so happy for Leiya!

Good for you Leiya! I'm so glad you had a good time! Thank you Bessie and Scott for letting her have this experience!


Connie said...

She's beautiful and of course you are proud! Proms are a big deal to the high school students. I went to one prom and I still rememeber shopping for my formal. I had stars in my eyes!

Nancy said...

A beautiful girl in a beautiful dress! Thanks for posting.

kazuyo said...


QuiltingFitzy said...

New to your blog, I didn't realize you had "big" kids!!! Leiya is beeeautiful!

What organization is she on exchange with? I was field manager for YFU for 3 years back in Ohio, had many, many students live with our family.

anne bebbington said...

Your daughter looks stunning! Really there's nothing more to say :o)

atet said...

Your daughter is beautiful! I hope she had a magical night!

Rose Marie said...

Oh, your daughter is lovely and the two of you are obsiouvly very proud parents!

Patti said...

The year my daughter was a senior in high school we had a exchange student from Japan stay with us for the school year. It was a marvelous experience. She was a year younger than my daughter. They both went to the prom so I got the fun of seeing them both enjoy it. I had no idea it was so different from what Hatsue would have been doing in Japan - she didn't tell us that. This was in 1992, and at that time the trend was for short dresses. I love the long formals so much better!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What a lovely girl, of course you are proud! Her dress is very pretty and that limo... wow! Memories to last a lifetime.

Luna said...

Leiya looks very beautiful. Yes, I think you must be very proud.Thank you for sharing the pictures with us :-)

Susan said...

Your daughter is beautiful! She's made many memories this year that will last a lifetime. My son spent his senior year in Germany, and half his life later, it still is a high point for him.

aisha said...

Hello Tanya,
Oh, I wish I had such prom, with such preparations, wonderful and luxuriant dress, and of course, Limo!!
Limo is the best!!
I have never ridden on such huge car. But after reading your blog, I have definitely call to the local Limousine hire company and book the most luxuriant one, and finally to feel myself like a star.

Diana said...

I have the same stars in my eyes like Leiya had. She is like a princess.
Last summer I also had my unforgettable prom with a white Hummer limo.
Prom night is a really very important for every teenager with all these stuff and fuss.
Tanya, thanks a lot for the nice blog.