Sunday, May 13, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

Good Morning! This is how Tetsu and I had coffee this morning. A simple way to start the day happy.

Yesterday was very productive. ...but not in the way of quilting. It was a sunny day so what did we do? Moved all the downstairs furniture outside and waxed the floors! Yeah! This is a once a year project for me and it really makes a difference. We took up carpets and had everything that wasn't nailed down outside. I bet our neighbors thought we were moving! The floor is nice and shiney and everything smells fresh and clean but it won't stay that way for long I'm sure. Dog and cat fur, nail scratches, drinking water spots and worse! Ah well, it feels good today to see the shine!

After that bust of energy and a quick lunch Tetsu hit the fields and planted vegetables. He is a farmer 101 and he thinks digging a hole and putting a plant in will work miracles. Mr. Yano has a field and last year and this year he is letting Tetsu use a couple rows of it. So... Tetsu planted eggplant , mini-tomatos, moroheiya (a type of greens), cucumber, sweet pepper, pumpkin, watermelon and corn. (Three plants each.) Mr. Yano saw him digging and came out and advised Tetsu to replant some things that were too close together. Hmmm... I wonder what we'll be eating this summer.

And then I made a wreath for my front door. Not too artistic but again bright and cheery and maybe welcoming to people who see it.


Connie said...

You are a bundle of energy to wax all the floors and still stay caught up on the quilting! I like the wreath on the says "welcome". It reminds me that I need one for my door too.

anne bebbington said...

I love your smiley coffees- and you call me zany :o) There's nothing nicer than having a jolly good clean through - the shine on that floor is amazing. I hate house cleaning (so much wasted quilting time) but love the results. The wreath is beautiful and very artistic - so cheery!

keslyn said...

What happy cups of coffee!!!!!

teodo said...

In Italy we call that "cappuccino" and it's very good and like it a lot!!!!
ciao ciao

Judy said...

Haven't you two been productive. Love your morning smiley faces. Good luck with your garden. I hope it produces lots of good "eats" for you.