Saturday, May 12, 2007

Projects and plans

Well finally! She's doing something crafty!

I do put in a bit of sewing time daily but not enough to write about. Cutting up scraps, a little applique, quilting. I have to remember that I've set monthly goals! Here are the things I'm working on right now.

Ok Nadine and Connie! You caught me! As you can see, I guess I've started a new project. What is it? The 365 Day Challenge! No, I haven't made any plans past this. I've still got over a month (before the starting date I've set) to think about it, but I guess if I'm cutting out blocks this size already then that means I'm going to do it, right? Can't let this fabric go to waste! This is as far as my light colored scraps got me. Obviously I'm going to have to go buy more fabric. I guess this is going to be colorful because I'm working with what I've got so far and I don't have much in the way of beige, white or cream. Advice, advice! You're going to have to help me with this my friends!

Then I finished the applique border thingy that I think I'm making for the piano. But it isn't big enough so I'm making more blocks to expand the length. I'm playing this by ear and the first two blocks are baskets.

What has been the most fun is the quilting on the Wonky Word quilt! I decided to do the Baptist Fans and hand quilt a few every day. Still, this is going to be a long process! I'm using some varigated thread which is very nice and I love the way it shows on the colorful quilt. Usually when I quilt I try to keep my stitches pretty small but with this varigated thread, it comes up a different color every few stitches and I naturally seem to be quilting with longer stitches. Even the back comes out nicely! I stop to admire it so often that I don't get too much done!


atet said...

What lovely quilting for your wonky words. I love your fabrics for the 365 day challenge. Why would the backgrounds have to be beige or white? Not even all paper is, I would think as long as you use a dark marker/pen for the journaling, it will work. And think how colorful it will be -- just like your life!

I've been up to my neck in school and finishing projects so I haven't been commenting much, but I am really enjoying my peeks into Japanese culture through your blog. The colors of the country are a whole new inspiration, please keep the posts coming, even if they aren't strictly "quilting" -- they could potentially be quilt inspiration!

KCQuilter said...

Love your Baptist Fan quilting! I am getting ready to start that on a string quilt and would love to know what weight of thread you are using. I bought several balls of perle cotten in brown for a primitive look but am wondering if it might be harder to work with. Love your blog, by the way!

Connie said...

Tanya, So glad you're doing the 365 with us. I am still cutting out fabrics for mine and I have a lot in my stash so I would be happy to send you some of the fabric. Your quilting is beautiful with the tiny stitches. All the quilts from Japan that I've seen are always done with such perfection as is yours.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Oh good, you found an excuse to buy more fabric, I was worried!

Enjoy your new project, it will only take a little chunk of the day! 8^)

Nadine said...

HURRAY ! She's hooked ! I'm so happy we're sailing on the same boat, with this project !
Your fabrics are fantastic, good choice, the quilt is going to be so nice !
Love your baptist fan quilting (still haven't found any plastic pattern of it, here). Yes, same question as Anne : what's your thread weight ?

Biiiig hugs & smiles ! Happy mothers day, lovely weekend !


Patti said...

Love the way the quilting is looking - you made the absolutely most perfect choice!

I can't get over how many of you are doing the 365 day challenge quilt. It will be fun to watch these evolve.

VERO said...

Very nice quilting !! Enjoy your new work . Had a very nice Mothersday . Hug´s Vero

Tonya R said...

your quilting is wonderful. I'm glad you're enjoying it.