Thursday, January 17, 2008


I have an early day today (and tomorrow) so I'll have to make this short.

I have a very nice friend (and student) Mrs. Ide, who is multi-talented. She is a patchwork friend though we don't really make things together, just share and admire each other's work. She has done stone carving and made the little family chops that every Japanese family owns for signing papers. She does water color painting and makes lovely cards to send to her friends and family. She has dabbled in weaving and doll making. But probably her first love is knitting and crochet and she is always making some lovely sweater or vest or jacket from yarn. She uses metallic yarns and furry mohair yarn, heavy crinkled yarn and variegated yarn and turns out some fantastic apparel in a very short amount of time!

Last week Mrs. Ide said her yarn closet was overflowing so she was trying to use it up by knitting and afghan stitching a blanket (I've never done afghan stitch but it works up beautifully) and on Tuesday she brought her completed blanket to share. Isn't this a wonderful, colorful, fun blanket! Just right for taking a nap on the sofa! And so soft! Oohh! I want to make one! (as if I don't have enough projects going!) Well, most of my leftover yarn is from Tetsu's sweaters and vests that I've made and he won't wear anything but blue, brown, beige and gray so I'd never be able to make such a colorful blanket but still my head churns with ideas.

Not this year, Tanya. Stay on track and finish the four quilts you are working on!


Shelina said...

It is a beautiful blanket, and you could um, buy yarn! I'm kidding! You need to work on your quilts!

There is lots of yarn at my house and at my mother's since we both dabbled in knitting and crocheting and never got around to actually making much of anything.

atet said...

Oooh -- it is beautiful. And I can sew what you mean about wanting to make one. Although, one in muted colors could be just as beautiful! (not that I would try to encourage you to do something that takes away time from quilting!)

anne bebbington said...

Maybe not a colourful blanket but a very restful sophisticated one in that mix of colours

Kathie said...

I love the idea of you doing a blanket in the yarn you will be more primitive/country feel to it thats all!
I do understand though wanting to work on the projects you have already started, but sometimes knitting is relaxing cause you can knit and talk and not have to think!
or knit and watch tv...

Annelies said...

It is always good to make more space in you closet. What a good way to do that.
It is a beautiful blanket.

The Calico Cat said...

blue, brown, beige and gray

I think that color combination would make a lovely blanket! (Far nicer that the ones of my childhoos made from orange, avocado, & goldenrod!)

Nermal, Nico, Virgil, and Maggie said...

Hello, nice to meet you! We came here by way of Luna (Maine Coon)'s site. We've been enjoying your wonderful posts. God Bless!

meggie said...

It is a lovely fun bright blanket!
I have made crochet blankets, as I used to knit a lot, when the children were small, so I always had a lot of leftovers.