Thursday, January 10, 2008

Golfing anyone?

Choco and I try to get two long walks in every day. Once in the morning with Tetsu and once in the afternoon after I've been housewifely and played around on the computer. We walk past rice fields and forests and meander around orchards and farm houses. Almost everyday on our afternoon walk we've been coming across three or four retired men who are toning up their golfing skills. Many years ago there used to be a factory in this very large lot of land and after the factory was torn down the land has gone back to the wild with weeds and overgrowth. In past winters I would cut across this field/lot to get out to the main road but in late spring the snakes come out so I only use the shortcut in the winter. But not this year because I might get hit in the head by a flying golf ball!

It started with one older man who must have discovered this place by accident, and he would drive up and park his car and take a small basket filled with golf balls and spend an hour or so practicing his golf shots. He had a golf bag with him too and I'd notice him practicing his putting. He is a very friendly man and always waves his hat at me when I walk by. Pretty soon either he'd arrange for a friend to meet him at his secret place or someone discovered him by accident but anyway there were two older men practicing. I noticed one of them has put a big red tank in the middle of the lot for them to aim at. And recently one of my older neighbors rides by my house on his bicycle with a single golf club slung over his shoulder and sure enough he has joined the golfers in their field. Yesterday there were four of them out there doing a very good job of letting those golf balls fly! They seem to go around after their sessions and putt their golf balls back into the basket before they go home but it looks like a regular golfing circle these days. Actually it seems like a healthier past time than sitting around watching TV or playing pachinko (Japanese pinball). A private driving range! But maybe they need to let the dog walkers know when they're out there practicing! (I guess I'm the only one though...) FORE!


Diane said...

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog each day. Thank you for a peek into your day. By the way, I really like the When oh when quilt.

Lincoln Highway Gal said...

I see the first poster had the same idea as I did. I love reading your blog everyday. I found you through Lazy Gal Quilting and although I love hearing about and seeing your quilting, I keep coming back for your great "tour" of the customs and lifestyle of Japan. Very enjoyable. After seeing your lovely lunch yesterday, I had to go out for sushi today!

teodo said...

ciao Tanya
Happy 2008!

1° I like very much your quilt it's fantastic.
2° I love Japanese food
3° I like your posts around Japan and your life in Japan.

ciao ciao