Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

"Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!" Happy New Year in Japanese!
I know I'm supposed to list some resolutions but I always get disappointed in myself when I notice two weeks down the line that I've dumped them by the wayside, so I'll stick with goals to aim for. (Aren't words interesting? "Resolutions" feels binding, "Goals" seem optimistic and "Purposes" empowers me!)

On the quilting side, the When-oh-When quilt will get priority over all else. Sorry about that for the other things that I'm working on. I'd like to put them all at the top (especially that Wonky Word Quilt from Tonya's class) but I want the When-oh-When quilt finished by spring and I think I've decided to hand quilt it. Yesterday I spent the whole blessed day up in the sewing room! Is this the way to put on a border? Usually I put the borders on each side and then adjust the corners, but I really needed these corners to match so I did it this way. Not a "perfect" fit, (I don't like that word either) but maybe the waves will quilt out. When this quilt was still only in my mind I had plans to make a somber, antique feeling star quilt. I chose dark browns, maroons, muddy greens. Then I added fabric from my stash, pinks, blues, rust, and look what happened! It is definitely not somber! That doesn't mean I don't like it. I do, it just isn't the quilt I started with! So, the border, which Elaine pointed out is quite cheery seems to match the center much better than the grey I had planned to use at the beginning. Today I hope to put another white border around it and then figure out a quilting pattern.

I will work on the Wonky Word quilt when I get a longing for the sewing machine (otherwise remember I'm going to be hand quilting). I am not putting this in a box!!!! First I still need to make more hearts.

Good-bye to the Feathered Star quilt for awhile. No deadlines on this. I hope it doesn't turn into a four year quilt like some I have.

365 Day Challenge will hopefully go along at a regular pace.

And this month I need to make one block (one measly block!) for the bazaar quilt. We decided it will be a combination pieced and applique quilt with no set patterns. We are sort of doing it Round Robin style and we'll pass blocks around amongst 6 of us and then combine all the 6 blocks sometime around springtime also. I hope I can get some great ideas from the books that Leiya sent me for Christmas!

On the home front, I really need to declutter a bit. For only two of us living here I wonder why we have all this stuff!

And I need to get back into the habit of thanking God everyday for 5 of His blessings.

Ahh. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a teacher, a blogger. I wonder how many other roles I dabble in? Lord, use me this year where You know best.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Happy New Year to you, too! I have practiced listing daily gratitudes for years, learned it from the book Simple Abundance years ago, it helps to keep my life prioritized (if that's a word!). I am grateful today for finding you and your blog, it is always informative and so very welcoming! Your 'when-oh-when' quilt top is spectacular! Well done, Tanya!

Marilyn R said...

Your "When Oh When" quilt is going to be just wonderful! Happy New Year!

Quilt Pixie said...

sounds like the focus you're planning on the quilting front will really pay off...

CONNIE W said...

Tanya, Thanks for the friendship in 2007...may it grow in 2008...Wishes for God's blessings to you...Happy New Year.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Congrats on the finished top - woohoo! It's going to be really lovely all hand quilted. Love love love seeing the peek of your Wonky Word quilt - fabulous. Happy New Year!

Kathie said...

Love your new quilt...the border is perfect! I still think the quilt has an antiquey feel to it.
Will be fun to see your wonky word quilt in the next few months...a quilt I still want to attempt to make!
happy new year.
I enjoy reading your blog and learning more about Japan.

Shelina said...

Happy New Year Tanya! That border is beautiful, and goes so wonderfully with the quilt - even better than I imagined.
I like all the fabrics you have used for the Wonky Word quilt. It is going to be fabulous as well.
Your goals sound good to me. Four years isn't too long for a quilt. I've had mine languishing for much longer, but I am trying to shorten my average.

Nadine said...


The "When Oh When" quilt is turning so beautiful with this border ! LOVE it !

Lindah said...

Happy New Year, Tanya!
Listing my blessings/gratitudes does insure that I take time to remember and be thankful at least once during the day. But I find it helps me be more thankful throughout the day, too. Being thankful and de-cluttering is a good way to start the year!

W-O-W quilt is turning into a real WOW quilt! Lovely design and colors. The border is wonderful, too. And hand quilted--a real treasure.

anne bebbington said...

Happy New Year my dear Japanese blogging friend - I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you through 2007 and wish you and yours a happy peaceful and productive 2008. I love the new quilt - the border is just perfect!

Elaine Adair said...

(I never saw a quilt I didn't like!) Hey, what happened to 'somber' -- this has turned out so cheerful, delightful and perky! And those border measurements? I still have problems measuring the quilt, when I MUST have exact measurements due to the border -- something about subtract the diffence, divide by 2, less seam allowance, etc., etc., -- you get the picture - don't follow these directions!

It's just gorgeous.

meggie said...

When oh When is such a lovely quilt!

You are a lovely family & I wish you all success for 2008

Patti said...

A very happy new year to you too Tanya - and to Tetsu!

roberta said...

tanja, the quilt is beautiful you chose the rigth border !