Monday, January 07, 2008

Miscellaneous news

Just a bit of this and that today.

I had a quiet weekend didn't get too much done in the way of quilting. Washed some backing but since I don't use a dryer it had to spend Saturday hanging out to dry so I didn't get any farther on the When-oh-When quilt. And there is also the small problem that I don't have a room large enough to spread it out so that I can baste it! I'll work on that problem today or put the quilt aside until I can get to Mrs. Furui's on the 17th.

I did get the bazaar block made on Saturday. I used a pattern called Day and Night from the Quilter's Cache and look... I used brown! Not so skilled at using the trapezoids so it stretched a bit but it's acceptable...
And this is a picture of the New Year's lunch that the "Meals on Wheels" brought to my mother-in-law. Everyday she gets an obento (a boxed lunch) from health care services and I thought this one was just lovely. Usually they aren't this elaborate but someone took great care to make the first couple New Year's obentos look festive. I see carved carrots, sweet egg rolls, traditional sweet black beans, shrimp, orange fish eggs, grilled fish and shaped chicken "hamburgers" along with the usual rice and salady dishes and orange for dessert. Doesn't that look yummy?

And yesterday Tetsu and I finally gave up on the stove that has been on the fritz for the last week and went and bought a new one. We took Choco with us for the day and first stopped at the large home improvement center where animals are allowed if they stay in the cart. So... Here is Choco riding in the shopping cart! She gets a lot of attention from other shoppers and she joined us out on the terrace for lunch and then gave her opinion about dog snacks in the pet section.
This package of CAT food caught my eye in the pet section so I just had to take a picture. The pet store has a line of cat food called "I Love My Puppy". I think someone doesn't understand the word puppy... I thought this was hilarious and did buy a small packet for Lemi to try out. I'm not sure any of my cats would admit to loving their puppy (Choco).

And finally, the whole purpose of the trip, to buy a new stove. Tetsu and I went back and forth to three different appliance shops until I made a decision. I wanted a stove that is large enough to heat the whole living room, has a kerosene tank large enough so that I don't have to fill it every day, and simple enough so that I don't have to use my head about pushing the right buttons. Hopefully we will enjoy the rest of the winter in warmth!


Sarah said...

You could send that pet food picture to

Quilt Pixie said...

that day and night pattern is very pretty -- I love the mottled fabric you used :-)

Fran said...

I have been catching up on your blog (a month's worth) and just would like to say how much I have enjoyed it. I have been to Japan twice and we had an exchange student here in Tasmania for one year many years ago (25 wow!!!!). We still keep in contact - I write and she always promises to!!!! LOL
Your blog brings back many happy memories. We also visited with her family and went to her wedding,


Marilyn R said...

Your block is lovely! The boxed lunch looks beautiful. They say you eat with your eyes first! I Love My Puppy - soooo funny! Hope you keep nice and warm now with the new stove!

dee said...

That dog is so cute. Funny picture.
I gave you a "Makes My Day" award. Do withit what you will. You really make every day more interesting for me.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

I Love My Puppy cat food??? What a hoot. You could send that to Jay Leno. Lucky Choco, getting to go on an outing and receive lots of attention. that bento box is beautiful - wow.

anne bebbington said...

Happy New Stove Tanya - hope it keeps you snug and warm for many years to come

meggie said...

I laughed when I read about the stove. Here in Australia a stove means the unit you cook upon, with the elements on top, & the oven under. We would call that unit you bought a heater!

LOL about the Puppy for the catfood.