Friday, April 11, 2008

Asakusa shops

My whole purpose of visiting Tokyo on Wednesday was to buy some presents for my trip to the States next month but I found so many things that I wanted to have though I don't know if anyone else would think they are so great. Barrettes made from the kimono tying belt cording. T-shirts. Shopping bags. Kimono collars. What anyone will do with these things I don't know but they are very pretty.

There was one shop that I went wild in and it was completely filled with hand made little trinkets made of Japanese fabric. Cell phone straps, decorations, broaches etc.

There was a corner of just Japanese cording called kumihimo which is an interesting braiding process that is done on a small vertical post. The weaver intertwines the different colors and widths of cords to make very elaborate braiding designs. Another unique Japanese craft that I'd someday like to try.

And at the back of the store I found a few quilts made of old Japanese fabric so of course I had to get a picture of that. This applique quilt (very large!) is amazing with all the Japanese characters so perfectly appliqued in each square. I think in this picture the character says "Celebration". You can see why I could have spent a few more hours just in this shop alone!

Marlene helped me make decisions until late afternoon when we collapsed in a Starbucks and took inventory about what I'd bought. I went back to the main station and found my train all by myself and I was back at home around 9:00. I'd be happy for another chance to visit Asakusa in the near future!


Shelina said...

Thank you for sharing your Tokyo experience with us. I loved traveling with you!

CONNIE W said...

Thank you for the tour, seen through the eyes of your camera lens. Sounds a bit overwhelming but fun. My friend Tomoko visits the Ginza (spelling?) when there and has brought me some wonderful goodies from there...such fun treasures. :)

meggie said...

Lovely to share your trip. It all looks so busy & crowded. I would be worried about losing my way too.
Looks like you found some wonderful goodies.

The Calico Cat said...

Send me your address (sorry if this posts twice.)

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Tonya I have been out of pocket with the new baby...but just caught up on your news. Have a lovely time in The States. Are you going to be in Ohio? I am visiting my family in MAy and they live there...and in PA. Love all you have been doing?

The Jen said...

I'm posting on an older post, but I was in Japan visiting last week and I also took a picture of the *words* appliqué quilt in Asakusa. I'm guessing most quilters would snap that photo. Loved the cherry blossom festivals too. What a lovely country. ~jen~