Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Carpet cleaning

Tetsu has a recent daily activity that seems odd to me but I'm not complaining. He cleans the carpet. Daily.

We have a western style living room with wood flooring. In the winter the floor gets icy cold so we always put down a large carpet that covers most of the floor. In May we will take it up again so that the floor is cool to the bare feet in the summer.

A few years ago we bought a in-expensive carpet after our old one wore out. Maybe the problem is that it was inexpensive, maybe it is just that our animal population increased. Whatever, it gets very dirty! It is a light colored carpet (that was a mistake to begin with) and no matter how much I vacuum, I cannot get the animal fur off of it. I think Choco is the worse though she has very short fur!

For awhile I thought the problem was the in-expensive vacuum cleaner that we had (can you tell that I am a bit miserly?) I have looked longingly at the European vacuum cleaners that run nearly $1000 apiece, but if I had a $1000 I'd surely rather spend it on a sewing machine, not a vacuum cleaner and I don't know how much joy I'd get pushing an expensive vacuum cleaner daily anyway. I bought attachments for my current vacuum cleaner. Brushes that are supposed to collect lint and fur and have magical powers. Not much difference.

Tetsu has a little gadget that is very popular in Japan (I think it was once rated as being one of the top 5 handy goods sold in Japan) that I don't much like but he loves. It is a roller that is fitted with sticky paper. You can roll this over your clothes or carpet and all the lint, fur, threads (my contribution to the carpet mess) etc. stick on the roller. The paper can then be ripped off on the perforated line and a new sticky surface is ready for use. I dislike touching the dirty paper but I guess it's better on the paper than on the floor.

While we drink our coffee in the morning and after Tetsu reads the paper, he crawls around on the carpet with the roller and cleans while listening to the morning news. I watch him do his business and thank him but I'm not down there helping him. After about 10 minutes he has about 20 dirty pages of paper and the carpet looks great. Every morning he makes the same comment that he can't believe all this stuff is coming off of the floor when he just did it the day before. And yes, I do vacuum during the day.

Sorry for the gross pictures of used sticky paper but I'm trying to illustrate my post and you saw flowers and quilts this week so please remember that not all of the things in life are photogenic.

And yes, we've tried just using the roller on the animals to save us the extra step of floor crawling but they don't think it a fun game and disappear upstairs.


artfilstitch said...

Please send Tetsu my way! The lint brush does a wonderful job on your carpet. You are so fortunate to have a wonderful husband and friend. He is an Angel.....Our animals are our greatest friends also.
Thanks for sharing.

Chocolate Cat said...

I spend so much time each day vaccuming after our furry friends, will suggest this method to my dear husband!!

4 Boys and a Lady said...

Tetsu is so sweet to do this everyday! You are such a great team. I love reading your stories. We have lint brushes like this in America too, but instead of rolling like a paint-roller, the handle is inline with the roller, so the whole apparatus is vertical. I don't know if I described it correctly. (^_^;)

We have 5 cats, so we know how it is with fur everywhere. I try to vacuum and sweep often. (I should daily, but I don't...) I feel blessed that my husband, however, consistently and without complaint takes care of the job I don't want to do - clean the litter box three times a day! (^_~)

Tracey in CT said...

So sweet of him :-)

I have a lint brush like that, I use it on the rotary cutter mat when it gets all gunky with those tiny threads.

marisa said...

Thanks for your comment on my card.
I like your Luke's quilt.Ciao

kate said...

Thanx for the chuckle! I'm thinking rollering our cat might be a good idea!!!

anne bebbington said...

Oh Tanya - you did make me laugh picturing you both running the sticky rollers over the cat - no wonder the one in the picture had such a cross look on his face :o))))))))

teodo said...

1) your quilt for LIttle Luke is very very nice.
2) Tetsu is a treasure. You are a lucky wife.
3) Tetsu is lucky to have a WIFE like You.
Hugs ciao ciao

The Calico Cat said...

No one has ever said that RB is smart (He is cute, he doesn't have to be smart) but he likes those lint rolers... Hairy husband on the other hand is paranoid by them ;o>

Shelina said...

My sister has cats, and she uses the lint roller too. On carpets, furniture, curtains, everything. I'm so glad I don't have pets. I'm messy enough to have to clean up after!

andsewitis Holly said...

Tetsu's not alone :) I use the lint rollers every day on my clothes after blow drying my hair and before leaving for work because there is nothing worse than finding hair (or cat hair) in your food! I use the rollers on the furniture and get tons of cat hair up. It's a wonderful invention. I never leave home without using it.

The Calico Quilter said...

I always wished they made the sticky rollers larger, about the size of a paint roller. Then, you could put it on a broom handle and run it over the floors under your sewing machine to clean up all the thread niblets without having to get out the vacuum cleaner (and thread is very, very bad for vacuum cleaners - speaking from experience here). I could do it with the small roller on my hands and knees but I'm afraid I'm not as agile or as dedicated as is sounds like Tetsu is.