Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cat pocket tissue cover

This is so simple that it is hardly worth writing down, but I might forget myself someday so at least I'll have instructions on the blog.

Choose two fabrics (one for lining, one for the cover) I just cut width of fabric from both and I figure I can make four covers. I cut the strip 5 1/2".

Make a template. I just eye-balled the cat part of it. Sort of like a Mt. Fuji on one side and then clip out ears. I did this on paper first and then decided it was worth making a plastic template so I could make more. I doubt that this needs to be exact. I think my Mt. Fuji is about 1 1/4" high.

If you're making a template then from the "base" of Mt. Fuji you need 8 " length.

Trace top and bottom lines (these will be sewing lines) on the back side of the fabric. (I know, the picture is lousy but I did trace those lines from the template.)

Sew along lines, (top and bottom) back stitching at the points and corners of the cat's ears. I used fairly small stitches because my sewing distance was so small.

Clip corners and turn. Press.

With right side together fold the "cat" part to center and then fold the bottom part on top of that. The folds should overlap and the piece should be a bit more than 3 1/2" wide now. Let's say it should fit the tissue packet you're going to use.

Sew along both edges, clip corners and turn.

Add beads for eyes and embroider whiskers. (I didn't do any fancy hiding of knots here but some of you embroidery people know how to do that better than I.)
Push in the tissue and there you have it!


artfilstitch said...

I love the cat tissue holder! I'm printing your instructions and will make one for a good friend that adores cats. Will make some nice little gifts...stocking stuffers.
Thanks for sharing the pattern and also for your time in drawing it.


anne bebbington said...

Relatively simple but highly effective and very sweet indeed - thanks for taking the time to do this Tanya

Fuji Mama said...