Saturday, May 03, 2008

Cat antics

My cats are driving me crazy! I'm not sure which cat it is or maybe if it is all three of them, but every day SOME cat is messing up my house. I know that Choco will overturn waste baskets and check out the kitchen counters if I let her run free, but the cats I had more faith in. Not so!

I am smart enough to know if I'm serving fish for dinner to never take my eyes off of it until it has been completely consumed. This is a house with three cats! But would you worry about broccoli? About asparagus? Cleo absolutely loves green cooked vegetables (which I remember when he runs out of the kitchen with a broccoli flower in his mouth!)

How about potato chips and crackers? I'm pretty sure Patora is the culprit but I have no proof. As soon as she senses Tetsu asleep on the sofa Patora starts checking out the snack drawer (which she can open!) How can a cat know that an unopened box or bag has something delicious inside? Yesterday I found three bags of pop-corn all over the kitchen when I came downstairs from sewing. A mother had brought them over so that I could give them to the English kids but Patora got to them before the kids. I ate all three bags myself for lunch (no sense letting good pop corn go to waste.) Another cat (I don't know which one) likes sweet things so any boxed or packaged cookies get ransacked. Japanese sweet bean paste also seems to be a favorite so any of those left overnight rarely find their way to human stomachs.

The cats may be in league with Choco because more often than not when Tetsu and I find stuff half eaten by the cats, the rest of it is given to Choco (except the pop corn.) I wonder if they plot these things out at night while we're sleeping.

"Everyone's asleep. You get that cookie box out of the cupboard and leave half for me and I won't bark and wake up Mom."

And unfortunately, the cats' antics are not limited to the kitchen. I found this mess the other day which I am not at all happy about. This is part of our paper window shade in the Japanese room. Cats are notorious in their love of tearing Japanese paper window shades to shreds, but my cats have always pretty much left the windows alone. Recently though, one of the English kids accidentally punched a small hole in one of the shades and I was meaning to patch it up with extra paper (a common repair job) but I procrastinated and the small hole was discovered by a cat and he/she must have decided to make a bigger peephole. I don't know which cat this is but Velvet likes to sleep by this window so he's the major suspect.

Don't my feline family members look sweet and innocent? I've got Velvet on my lap right now purring away as if to say,

"Calm down. You know we love you."


Elaine Adair said...

Your last photo of the cat in front of the cat metal sculpture is darned clever - maybe worthy of a photo contest! Coooool! (Even if THAT's the culprit!)

QuiltingFitzy said...

oooh, and protect the butter! I would have to guard it with my life!

Christine Thresh said...

I can't believe your cats do this. My cats are not interested in other foods. They all come running for dry cat food. One cat, Aucuba, will come running into the kitchen when my DH takes a tuna fish can out of the cupboard. He just takes it out, he does not open it. How can she tell a tuna can from any other can? When he does open it she is allowed a little bitty treat of tuna. The other cats have no particular interest in her treat.
The photo of the cat by the wire sculpture is really good. said...

I can well believe it. I often take my nightly drink of apple juice water and physillium husks mixed in it and innocently leave it beside my bed as I shower. Stepping out of the shower, what do I see but Moggie trying to sip the apple juice. She loves to wait till I am finished and have the last bit on a we do know who to blame here.
No purrs without some pain I fear.

Amanda said...

My current cat Rosie - the laziest cat in the world - is just too lazy to do anything other than wait for me to feed her. But I have had cats in the past who were just as clever and conniving! It drives you mad, but don't we just love them for their cleverness really?

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

cats can definitely be crazy about odd kinds of food but I certainly don't have any vegetable lovers here. Habibi loves nuts, especially cashews and peanuts. Pokey goes crazy for cookies, chips, and bread products. Three out of four love the water that comes out of the canned tuna, but could care less about the tuna. Habibi and Pokey are absolute fiends for kalamata olives, esp the brine. They're all crazy.

artfilstitch said...

They look pretty innocent to may have a connoisseur'
and not even be aware. :>)


mamaspark said...

Cats will be cats! Your story had me laughing so hard! I know not so funny for you but...Everybody's cats like different things. Mine are not too interested in other foods unless they are meat or cheese or fish but I had one that used to eat bread through the plastic and dried pasta! Go figure!