Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cat's paw

In Japanese, there is a saying

"neko no te mo karitai hodo isogashii".

Translated literally it says

"I am so busy that I want to ask the cat to lend me a paw."

I guess I am busy, though I'm actually not getting much done. Certainly I'm not getting housecleaning done, just can't get excited for that. Tetsu is a pretty good house cleaner and when I'm in the States he takes care of things fairly well. This year a neighbor is coming in daily for a week to take care of the cats so I have to do some surface cleaning at least before I leave.

Velvet has obviously decided that I need a hand and when I went into the bathroom I found my wind breaker halfway in the cat box. Vel keeps after us if we leave socks or towels on the floor and I'll often find articles of clothing inside the box (wet...hmmm.) Not too picturesque what with droppings and socks mingling in the sand but I thought the wind breaker was nicely arranged and it made an acceptable picture.

Good kitty! Velvet is lending me a paw and doing his part by picking up after me!


Amanda said...

Aren't cats just amazing! They never cease to be a source of amusement; it's often so difficult to fathom what's going on inside their heads.

Chocolate Cat said...

Love the saying about lending a cat's paw! Could use one of those around here sometime! Do your cats sense that you are getting ready to go away?

Clare said...

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Clare said...

Whoops - sorry about that - wrong blog!!!!

What I meant to say is do your cats hide when they know you are going away? Even if we are going shopping, Magic sits inside the garage waiting for us to come home. Sometimes when we have stayed overnight with friends she is still there when we get back the next day. I don't know about helpful though, more of a hinderence.

Elaine Adair said...

Clever little critter! I miss having a cat - they make such delightful company as well as entertainment.

What part of the U.S. will be be visiting?

Katie said...

What a cute kitty caper. Take a deep breath. Remember what doesn't get done can be left undone. Have a relaxing and memory making visit.

Quilting Journey said...

Great saying! Even greater handi..uh, pawwork by Velvet. Such a tidy cat and so helpful;)Too cute!