Wednesday, May 21, 2008

First sewing

I am on the run and need to take off in a few minutes. There is so, so, SO (Hi Shelina!) much to get done in the next couple of days but my head just mulls everything around and I don't really get things crossed off my list.

I said I'd get no more sewing in and that is true, but my sewing machine got used once more anyway. Since this is my last week of classes the kids who come know that we are probably not going to study and I thought we would play a game but we ended up sewing!

"What game would you like to play?"

"We don't want to play a game. Let's make something!"

They think I'm a magician

"Make something? Make something? If we were going to make something I needed to buy materials and figure out a plan of action. Are you sure you wouldn't like to play Monopoly?"

"No. Let's make something."

The only spur of the moment idea I could find were those little cat tissue holders so I let the kids dive into my fabric drawers and choose a fabric and then I gave them a first lesson in using a sewing machine. They did very well and here are their cat tissue holders. I'm afraid we didn't have enough time for me to let them sew the beads and whiskers on themselves and I did that part very quickly for them. They were so pleased though and were boasting about showing the holders off the next day at school.

Ok. I'm off!


jovaliquilts said...

Such adorable tissue holders! And thanks again for the village houses you explained the other day -- my book arrived yesterday!

Lynne in Hawaii said...

That is thinking fast! You did a great job and the children will alway remember the time you took with them. Oh, and it looks like you finally figured out the signature thingy! Way to go!

Amanda said...

Oh well done you, it would have been so easy to say no to the children, but you didn't and made these lovely memories with them.

anne bebbington said...

And it looks like you managed to get a smile out of three of the four too - a job well done I'd say

Shingen said...

I to each other like much the variety of colors and the mixture of them. Very I am not understood in graphic arts, but those colors give the impression to give much life and joy to it takes whom them above.

Dewa Mata ne, Tanya-sama

Shelina said...

That's some quick thinking and lovely sewing. Of course, now they will always have the "make something" bug, so you might as well get prepared!

Quilting Journey said...

Wonderful idea! Isn't sewing with children SO much fun! They just love it!! Reminds me of sewing the 15 kuspuks with the kids in Alaska this winter. I miss them and how proud they all were of their sewing! It's intimidating initially but then you see that they truly CAN do it, it's just so rewarding and something they will always remember!