Friday, May 16, 2008


Yesterday it stopped raining for the first time in days so Choco and I took a different route for our walk. On the other side of the river there is a small dairy farm and half of the year the cows are there and half of the year they are taken out to some far off pasture I guess. Cows seem like very peaceful animals just sitting in the shade and flicking flies but they were very interested in us when we walked by and we had a small stampede greet us at the fence.

"Look at the cows come running to see you, Choco!"

Choco did not want to talk to the cows and the more of them that came to stare over the fence, the more Choco was ready to GET OUT OF HERE! It took me quite awhile to take this picture just because Choco was trying to hide behind me.

They must think Choco is one of their calves that got out, or maybe a long lost relative.


Elaine Adair said...

I believe you are correct! That's the very first thing I thought of. Funny

Did you know that cows have nurseries, where one cow will watch a number of calves, so the other cows can graze in peace and not worry? I've seen it here so many times, with the large herds of cattle. And we think they are not intelligent! Hmpffff!

artfilstitch said...

Choco looks very peaceful also, and they could pass for relatives...maybe kissin' cousins. The cows still have their eyes on Choco as he sits for the picture. Intelligent design....!!

nonchi said...