Sunday, May 25, 2008


Can you believe that with all the things still left to do that I'm sewing? Not patchwork but I had some minor jobs that might as well get done since I had that craving to make something.

First I machine hemmed some scarves that I am taking to the States. They are really kimono collars and I thought they should be hemmed. Sorry. I forgot to take a picture and they are already packed.

Then as I was was doing major washing I took off the cover on Choco's dog bed cushion and while I was at it, added more fluff and stuff that I've collected in the past couple months. Found that I had four bags full in the closet so those got dumped into the cushion and re-sewn. Even the cats like Choco's fluffy bed and I see Cleo and Velvet are making use of it right now. (It sits under my computer desk.)

I also cut and hemmed some jeans that I was dragging around on the ground looking like a hippy. Those may go with me to the States.

And finally, I had to "try" my hand at Sashiko, the Japanese stitching art. I had thought that this would be a good for keeping my hands busy on the airplane (are they going to let me take a needle on the airplane?) and I picked up a couple of these pre-printed Sashiko rags/handkerchiefs. You can see that I'm going to have this finished before I get on that airplane Tuesday so I may have to go buy a couple more.

Sashiko is a fairly easy handcraft especially for anyone who does quilting. The stitching is often done on heavy gauze and it makes the sewing easy. The stitches, unlike quilting, are supposed to be fairly long so that the design shows and the thread is made of heavyish cotton.

In the course of cleaning and washing yesterday I came across some Sashiko cloths that my kids made. I remember teaching Leiya to do this variegated threaded dragonfly Sashiko when she was in grade school and I think the star one was made by Takumi when he was in kindergarten! (Four or five years old!) They have sat in the rag drawer but I've never wanted to use them as rags so I'm proud to feature them on my blog today.


Chocolate Cat said...

Sashiko is on the list of things to try one day! Yours is lovely, looking forward to more photos of it completed when you return from your trip.

mamaspark said...

We don't have sashiko cloths here. It might be fun to try one. I especially like the dragon fly one.

Amanda said...

Fascinating - do you buy the cloths with the design ready printed? Your children's cloths would look lovely set into a little patchwork border and displayed. I love the idea of larger stitches being de rigueur.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I've had a go at fabric with white thread and it's now a pillow in my living room.

Don't your cats look comfy! You must have given it just the right extra loft.

Hope your preparations go smoothly...sewing distractions and all :o)

anne bebbington said...

Your children have obviously inherited your gift