Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Small projects

I'm taking a quick break from waxing the downstairs floors. This job just has to be done twice a year and our dirty carpets need to be taken up in early May anyway. I used to pay my kids to move furniture and help (I even paid some neighbor kids once!) but Tetsu said he'd help me and that means he does all the work and I just direct. Nice for me! We've finished the first coat of wax and are letting it sit for 30 minutes before applying the next coat.

As you may have noticed I do not have anything quilty going on on this blog recently. I listed up my projects and I know I am working on:

The Wonky Word Love quilt but that came to a stop until I decide how to quilt it. I also need to buy backing material and I can probably do that more cheaply in the States.

I put away the feathered star quilt and that will be reinstated after the trip to the States and hopefully I'll find some fantastic fabric that catches my eye while I'm there.

I am finished with step three of Bonnie's Orange Crush but since I don't even know if I'm doing it orange or not, I am stalled on fabric there too.

I am FOREVER working on the 365 Challenge (less than two months to go!) and I might as well buy backing for that when I'm in the States too. I no longer take pictures of this project because it doesn't fit on the wall anymore so it is just sitting in heaps.

I have finished block three of Lynette's Noah's Ark and that is now put aside until I'm back from the States. I guess most of my quilting life depends on when I get back from the States.

I put in a vine applique on the bazaar quilt in place of the flying geese and I hope it will meet with approval when I show my friends next week.

I made up a little pin that I may or may not use but I had to see if I could make it or not. This is another easy project and I guess if done in white these bobbles are supposed to be lily of the valley flowers. I've made them exactly the same way but larger and with wire in the stems and they come out trying to look like tulips (they stand upright then). Again I was working with left over kimono fabric but I suppose my choice of color could have been a bit more springy...

Well, I guess the living room is back together and thanks to Tetsu the floor looks shiny again. The way Choco scrabbles around though it is sure to get marked up again quickly!


Shelina said...

I need to wax my kitchen floor, but haven't gotten around to it. Maybe when you are in the states, you can do mine!

Your appliqué is so lovely. I'm sure your friends will be ranting and raving about it.

Nancy said...

Lovely variety of projects, Tanya. and the lily of the valley pin is way cool!

n, np

Chocolate Cat said...

You've done well having all your Noah's ark B.O.M up to date, I was so good with the first but need to set aside a little time to catch up. You'll enjoy finishing all these projects after your trip to the States.

Quilt Pixie said...

I'd forgotten all about waxing floors -- something I remember my grandmother doing, but both my parents and I have varnished hardwoods, so no more waxing :-) It is a big job from what I can remember...

Sounds like you're really looking forward to your trip to the US. Hope its all you're planning for.

Jane said...

Methinks Tetsu is beginning to spoil you as it comes closer to your trip....or is it a two some trip. You are very blest.

Anonymous said...


I see by the weather radars and satellites that two cyclones are bearing down on all of Japan.

Take care of yourself and your family. Let us know that you have come through the storms safely. t

artfilstitch said...

Your loving Tesu is a real jewel! I bet your floors are like a mirror. Choco will think he has company...:>) I know you are getting excited about your trip and seeing family.
Hope all is going well weather wise.

meggie said...

Just been catching up on your interesting posts. I love that Bazaar quilt.