Thursday, July 03, 2008


Alas, no sewing. I think the sewing room has been so invaded that I'm not going to be able to do any work in there. Takumi has pretty much claimed all surfaces, table, bed and floor. I better get some hand sewing going.

I think I can show you the neat bag that my friend and student Mrs. Ide gave me. A few years ago I gave her some of Tetsu's mother's old kimonos and she has made me a skirt and patchwork bag from them as well as making things for herself. I guess she had a lot of scraps left over so she decided to try crochet. What a great idea! Leiya was trying to crochet something this summer with yarn but it is a long process. With a big crochet hook and strips of fabric look what wonders one can do! Thank you Mrs. Ide. Tetsu's mother will be surprised at what her kimonos can turn into!

And at another class yesterday two of my students wished me a Happy Birthday with home made cake and candles. I haven't blown out candles on a cake in years! Thank you!

I did take inventory of the fabric that I bought while in the States. This is just bought fabric, there is a whole other beautiful pile from Artfilstitch which isn't included here. I tended towards blue didn't I. The green, pink and orange I'm loosely thinking about the Orange Crush. The fabrics under those are all backings, hopefully enough for the Wonky quilt and the 365 Challenge and any other quilts I can finish this year (positive thinking.) On the left, the light blue fabrics are going to be used in the Feathered Star. On the right the blues are hopefully going to find a place in a Wicked quilt that hasn't been planned, started or scheduled. Wishful thinking. And the two browns in the middle were just pretty. One might work well for scenery quilts, the other just because I like stripes in borders. No plans for these either.
But first to schedule sewing time!


Chocolate Cat said...

What a gorgeous little bag. Mrs Ide is very clever!

Elaine Adair said...

What a dear little purse - excellent use of 'leftovers' -- I am imagining touching and enjoying the texture.

Anonymous said...

Tanya, have Takumi go to Look for gimp print or other open source software for getting an older computer to play nicely with your peripherals.

You may have to phone your ISP and talk to someone; they have to recognize the wireless router. thelma