Monday, July 28, 2008

Sewing box

I have cooled down since yesterday. The quilt is folded and sitting on a chair and I will get back to it in the near future and continue with the borders. Thank you for all of the encouragement. I guess I wanted everyone to tell me that it was alright this way. Someone else who let me know that it was alright was Choco. When I finished my ranting on my blog and went back into the living room, look who had found the quilt.

"Oh, a nice piece of cloth to sit down on."

Just plopped herself down on the part that was on the floor and pulled the rest down around her. Maybe if I had felt this was a future masterpiece then I would have had conniption fits but I just had to laugh.

Onto another subject.

After writing about teaching my students sewing I wondered where those sewing boxes Takumi and Leiya bought in elementary school went. I hunted around the bottom of the closet and found Leiya's Winnie the Pooh box. I don't know where Takumi's has gone to.

Quite a nice little box don't you think? The lid unclasps and inside there are two levels that stack together. The top level holds a pin cushion, scissors, some thread a tape measure and a magnetic pin case. The bottom level has a little storage area that can hold patterns, practice cloth and basic sewing instructions. I unfolded the practice cloth and found that Leiya had sewn on quite a few different buttons (on a picture of a crab) and had practiced a line of running stitch and a few knots. Not a whole lot of use for this very nice little sewing box but I can see how it is a good introduction instrument into the sewing world. I ought to pack this up and send it to Leiya as she might need something like this now that she is alone in a dorm and there certainly might be buttons that fall off or hems that need fixing.


G'G'ma said...

I am so happy that you are feeling better. I had to look and look to see what "error" you were talking about. In 2 months when you have it quilted you will just love it. Yes, you will!!!

But I know the feeling that hits the pit of my stomach when I've messed up. It is one thing when it is my fabric but another when sewing for someone else. Years ago my mother bought fabric for me to make a "polyester" skirt and jacket with a blouse to match for her. I was at the end and clipping the curve of the sleeve seam. My brand new scissors was very sharp and somehow I cut more than the fabric edge...right into the middle of the sleeve. The only thing to do was some iron-on mending tape. Why do I still remember that sick feeling 35 years ago???

artfilstitch said...

What a cute sewing box filled with so many nice learning tools! This would be a nice touch to use in sewing classes for children. Glad you're feeling better. Choco is so encouraging, isn't he?

The Calico Quilter said...

Is Choco taking lessons from quilt-testing cats? I thought it was the kitties that would lie on any little bit of fabric they could find.

The sewing box would be useful for anyone (although your daughter might be embarassed to leave it out where the Winnie the Pooh design is visible!).