Sunday, July 13, 2008

Step 5 of the Orange Crush

Yesterday my friend Kaoru-san and I took our turn at cleaning the church. About once a month we work in pairs and give the pews a quick wipe, vacuum and dry mop the hardwood floors, clean the two bathrooms and shake out the entrance mats. The two of us (and the pastor's wife who usually helps us though we tell her to leave it to us) can get the whole church done in less than 30 minutes. A small church! Kaoru-san and I went out to lunch afterwards and enjoyed some catching up time.

For most of the afternoon I worked on the Orange Crush quilt though I have yet to get to the orange part. Since Bonnie's mystery is finished I know what this quilt is going to turn out to be and can choose fabrics accordingly but that leads to dragging out lots of fabric and auditioning them. While I was in the States I had found a lovely gradation pink at Wal Mart and I enjoyed working with that yesterday. Orange and pink. I can still remember my mother telling me those two colors don't go together. Maybe this time they will. I made 30 blocks yesterday and will be able to move on to the orange blocks next week. Takumi, looking at my progress commented that I'd get more done if I stuck to one quilt at a time (the 365 Challenge which doesn't have a border yet is sitting in a box). I don't think he understands the creative mind. (Or is it the unfocused mind?)

Thank you Anonymous, for bringing the lack of a shoulder on my elephant block to my attention. I didn't notice at all until you mentioned it! I'll put those few stitches on today!


Quilt Pixie said...

the pink points on the stars are wonderful -- they stand out enough to make great stars, without jumping from the background.

artfilstitch said...

Can't wait to see the orange added, you may have pink lemonade with orange slices. I love the stars!

meggie said...

I love the look of your Orange Crush.
Usually, I dont think males 'get' quilting...they just like the warmth!

Kathy Wagner said...

I put pink and orange together often in my quilts! Not on this one though since I wanted my OC to be more masculine.
For sure your husband doesn't understand the creative mind :)
The more projects you start, the more fun!!!

Katie said...

Those are great color choices. I can't wait to see the next step. :-)