Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fix it

My pictures today aren't too photogenic. Oh well. Some days are like that.

Yesterday Tetsu had a day off.

"What do you want me to do today?"

He often offers to do some job that usually will sit for months undone. (They pile up you know.) Hmm. Ah!

"Tetsu, could you please fix the walls and the bathroom door?"

This is more cat damage repair. Years ago the cats started attacking the walls. We asked someone fairly professional to come in and repair the dining room walls but Tetsu decided to do the room corners that the cats had used as scratching posts. He did a great job! But probably he isn't going to get any offers to do interior decorating. Tetsu just bought boards, sanded them down (by hand!) and nailed them up in uneven strips over the holes in the walls. I love it! My patchwork house has patchwork walls!

Tetsu's original job was coming loose and some of the boards had been so scratched down by the cats that they needed to be replaced so Tetsu bought more lumber yesterday and hammered them up on some of the worse corners. Fantastic!

Next the bathroom. I have been locking Cleo in the bathroom so that Velvet can enjoy a quiet meal (all the other cats are locked up in various rooms. Sort of like the changing of the guard at meal times). Well, Cleo didn't take kindly to being trapped and one day when I was slow letting him out he attacked the door! This is what my door looked like for awhile.

You can tell I love my cats if they do this and I still don't ban them to the forest.

Even though the bathroom door makes for an interesting conversation piece, it wasn't something I felt worth inviting friends to see so Tetsu went at it yesterday with boards and nails and fixed my door for me, a la Tetsu interior decorating!

Tetsu is very proud of himself. Just this morning he pulled me into the bathroom again to admire his handwork.

"Just look at that Tanya! No more cat marks! Here have a seat! (on the toilet) Isn't that pleasing to the eye? You can just sit there and enjoy the grain of the wood and the fragrance of the sawdust!"

Now how romantic is that? Every time I use the throne I can think of Tetsu and his labor of love!

The wall corners do look very nice.


Rae Ann said...

Once again I am laughing. If you had told me your furry friends destroyed your wall and door, I never would have imagined something like this. How wonderful of Tetsu to take the time and add some lovely boards to your walls and doors to make them much more presentable. Next time Tetsu has a day off, bring him out for Starbucks! Rae Ann

Quilt Pixie said...

great solution to your walls and doors -- Tetsu is very creative and does wonderful handwork :-)

Callie said...

Patch work walls! I love it. Just the kind of walls a quilter should have. I'm going to adopt
Tetsu's woodworking approach to my walls. Great job.

Chocolate Cat said...

So glad ours is not the only home with tell tale signs that furry friends live here!! Love how Tetsu has fixed it.

Amanda said...

What a brilliant idea - I think your creative patchworking must be rubbing off on Tetsu! I'm going to pass this idea on to my son who has cat damaged corners.

Team Tabby said...

Tetsu is right, the smell of pine is great. Your patchwork walls and door are a great solution to the cats' scratching areas and look nice too. We have some of those cat carvings as well.


Takumi said...

I always thought the wood thing was a cool idea too :D It's way better then the plastic cover that we used to use (or still using) for the corner of the wall. Good job Tetsu-san!

meggie said...

Oh I love Tetsu! Your post made me laugh aloud!
Now, I cant very well get Gom to nail wood over the pee stains on the carpet, where naughty Leo has 'marked his territory'!!

The Calico Quilter said...

That's one way to find the house a cat lives in - look for the shredding! I think I know where my stray cat may live because you can see a shredded chair in the living room through the front window.