Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More luggage tags

Sometimes I don't understand myself. I had plans yesterday to finish my Wicked Easy quilt and plan out a pattern for my batiks. Practically a full day ahead of me to play. However I spent too much time on the computer though and got a late start. When I finally did get up to the sewing room I made up binding and got to the hand sewing stage. The end is in sight for the Wicked Easy Quilt!

BUT... did I jump in and start planning a batik quilt? No. My mind wandered around to a young foreign student from Germany with whom I've recently made friends. She'll be going back to Germany this week. I really ought to see her one more time and take her a present. No time to be making quilts though and she's probably got her bags all packed anyway.

Aha! How about some luggage tags! Yeah! I could make a couple of those IF I've got the plastic and interfacing. I went fumbling through my drawers and found the necessary materials. Then fumbling through the back blog posts trying to find the directions (which I didn't link to before! Dumb girl!) I did get myself organized and then spent the next hour or so making luggage tags from some kimono material I had. Don't know how well it will hold up but they are bright and will remind the girl of her time in Japan!

So here are my luggage tags. And HERE is the link to Morah's tutorial! The plastic is a bit of a bear to work with but I have a Teflon walking foot that works well. And since I've made these three times I've mastered the mysteries of the button hole foot too. I can now make a long, straight opening.

Someone once asked me how the tags are attached so hopefully the pictures will make that clearer.Slip the strap part through the opening. Then slip the strap under a suitcase handle and pull the whole tag through the strap. If you make sure to keep the plastic part (with the information written on a card) inside, then important information isn't immediately available to the whole world.

Kind of snazzy aren't they? Definitely bright is best!

Back to binding and planning.


Marj said...

Tanya, I think that the lugage tag is a very thoughtful and useful gift to give. Thankyou for the link. Also thanks for stoping by my blog. I hope that I can become a better writter as time goes by.

Rae Ann said...

What a wonderful going away gift! Something very simple, elegant yet useful. I am sure your friend will always think of you when she see's these on her luggage. Rae Ann

Callie said...

Gifts that are useful and beautiful! You did a masterful job; I'm sure she will always treasure these tags. And I love the fabric!

artfilstitch said...

I have been away on several trips in the last few weeks. Glad to be home and back to reading your blog. The luggage tags are a gift that will be appreciated and also you will be remembered with fond memories of Japan. The colors are brightly beautiful. I made a copy of the wicked quilt pattern and making one for a friend. (goes very quickly)
Take care and stay warm!

meggie said...

Such a thoughtful & beautiful, useful gift. It is so you!!
I am sure they will be treasured.

Shasta said...

That is beautiful fabric, and beautiful luggage tags. I still haven't gotten around to making any. It is a very appropriate gift for your new friend.

mamaspark said...

This is so cute! Where did you get the pattern??

Christine Thresh said...

Snazzy. If I traveled I'd love a luggage tag. Perhaps I should start traveling.

Linda said...

Love your luggage tags! They look really great--and just think, if you're going to a quilting workshop you could put one on your machine so it wouldn't get mixed up with others that are the same! Lovely work.
Lurking Linda


these are great. nice job! I lvoe the snow pics too. what a great view.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Looks fab...and it would make your bag easy to spot when collecting it off the carousel.