Saturday, January 24, 2009


On the way out of my English lesson at the kindergarten yesterday some of the mothers invited me to stay for Japanese tea. I think the mothers have a tea ceremony lesson a couple times a month and there is another class for mothers to learn how to dress themselves in kimono. Yesterday they put on a mini-tea ceremony in the church and served a few of us teachers who were there as well as some of the mothers who will be enrolling their children from April.

A very unexpected and beautiful few minutes of Japanese culture in my day.


teodo said...

Fantastic..........I like this ceremony that sometimes a tea shop near me do and where the teachers are two japanese girls.
ciao ciao

Mary said...

I love the photos - makes me wish I was there in person experiencing the ceremony.

meggie said...

What a wonderful surprise for you.

Rae Ann said...

Oh, how wonderful. I hope someday to actually witness a Tea Ceremony. I hear it is just some some amazing to see. Ever move elegant it's it own way etc. Rae Ann