Thursday, January 08, 2009

Wicked Quilt

Well, I made fast work of that! The Wicked Easy Quilt is now a flimsy! As you recall I cut all the fabrics two days ago and yesterday I spent the morning sewing the pieces into blocks. In the afternoon I sewed the blocks together and in the evening I put the border on.

This is the third time I've made this quilt after stumbling upon it on Silver Thimble Quilting blog a couple of years ago. Since then it seems to have been removed from the original website but another free pattern is offered that looks very similar. For some reason the original links on my blog (November 29, 2007) take you back to the pattern, but other links (March 1 and 5, 2007) take you to the website. I don't know how I did any of that.

I couple of my friends have made this quilt too and one reason we like it is that random quilting can be done in some of the blocks. The largest blocks are 8 1/2 inches square and a nice feathered wreath or something can be put in there. I quilted my other two Wicked Easy quilts by machine with not so great results (my first attempts at machine quilting!) but I think I'll quilt this one by hand.

Still quilting the Wonky Word. It is so big! Too hard to get a full picture of it but one of these days I'll hang it over a tree or something.


Team Tabby said...

Tanya, I might try this. I have an unbelievable amount of Christmas fabric given to me....thinking ahead, ha.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

It looks wickedly lovely! What a great quilt and I love your fabric choices.

Quilt Pixie said...

'tis a lovely quilt and a wonderful chance to chow off some of your hand quilting :-)

Annette said...

Hi Tanya!
I took inspiration from your woven fused quilt (Aug 15, '08) and used the same technique--sorta--to quilt the last two wicked easy quilts I've made.
I baste the quilt, then roll up one side to the middle and start making meandering lines from top to bottom, much like your cutting lines, working my way to the outer edge. I quilt about 3" max. apart. When I finish that section I roll the other side and quilt from the middle out again.
Then I turn the quilt and do the same thing side to side. It looks really nice to have a random basket-woven quilting pattern on the rigid squares of the quilt top--softens it a bit and drapes nicely. I used variegated thread that picks up all the colors in the quilt top so it doesn't stand out too much.
I just have a regular machine, and thought I couldn't machine quilt either, but this pattern is so easy, no turning, it turns out nicely and is done in only a few hours.
It's not as nice as beautiful hand quilting! But if I need a quilt ready in a hurry, it can't be beat!
I can email you pictures if you want.

R.H. said...

Went back to look at your 11/29/07 Blog and just fell in love with Mrs. Ochiai's appliqued quilt. Is there a possibility that you can find out the name of the pattern and where it came from? Just love the colors too. Applique is not a skill I have mastered yet, but I sure would give it a try. Rae Ann

yumi said...

Hi Tanya-san. How would the quilting patterns be on this wicked quilt? I amanticipating it updated for my study. I always hand-quilt on all of my quilts and always wonder what kind of the quiltlines pattern could it be.