Friday, July 02, 2010

Birthday presents

Yesterday was my birthday but you already know what Tetsu got me. A new carpet for my sewing room! The day was pretty ordinary... Sewing, errands, swimming, teaching. Tetsu didn't get home til about 9:30 and he came bearing more birthday presents. Some striped pajamas, an electric toothbrush, sandwiches and a birthday cake.

Tetsu is so funny. He had a long story to tell about how he ended up with a toothbrush and pajamas.

"I went to the bakery and they had one, Tanya. But when I went up to the counter, some other lady pointed to the same cake and said 'I want that' and there went your cake.

So I decided to check out the bread shop and see if they sold birthday cakes. They only sell bread. But I thought it would be rude to leave without buying something so that's why I bought sandwiches.

Then I went to the supermarket (like Target) but they didn't have cakes either so I bought the pajamas there. Next I went to the department store and that's where I bought the cake.

What I really wanted to do was to buy you some flowers but I was too embarrassed to buy flowers. I thought about buying you 10 roses, and then I thought about buying you ONE rose. That would be more romantic. But what's a guy my age buying flowers for? People would think I'm up to no good. I walked back and forth in front of the flower shop but there was only a sales girl there. I can't buy flowers from a sales girl! They should have a man working at the flower shop. If it was a man he could say 'Buying flowers for your wife?' and tell me what to buy, but I can't have a conversation like that with a sales girl. That's why I couldn't buy you flowers.

And then I went to the electronic shop and bought the toothbrush because you have nice teeth."

Oh, how I laughed. Talk about romantic! Nice teeth?

Tetsu's always been like this. When I met him I could flutter my eyelashes at him and he would go red in the face and drop things. If I took hold of his hand he would practically fall over. I loved teasing him! We once tried to go dancing with his best friend and wife but Tetsu wouldn't dance. "I can't dance with my best friend's wife!!" And the first Christmas that I took him to meet my family in America, someone pointed out that I was standing under some mistletoe and ready to be kissed. Tetsu was absolutely flabbergasted and held me off at arm's length! My family wondered if this relationship was going to go anywhere!

Romantic, Tetsu is not, but his wandering around the city on a workday looking for presents for me and his wonderful carpentry job, speak volumes of love. I flashed him a smile and fluttered my eyelashes!

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