Saturday, July 17, 2010

California scenery

You are all going to be tired of morning walks but we are all so heat doped around here nothing much else gets done unless it is done at 6:00 am. Kiana wasn't in her bed this morning (I wondered if she were trying to avoid my morning walk invitation. Maybe she was only trying to escape from the heat.) so I decided to take the scenic route. I guess these pictures are for my Japanese friends who might find Southern California terrain interesting.

This is the road above my brother's home. There's a trail going up over the city but I've never been up there. Not many trees and I think the coyotes live up there. No thank you.

The houses overlooking the valley. But you can see how dry it is when the land doesn't get watered.

A composite picture of the valley.

There is Ikea in the distance. There are so many things from there that I wish I could squeeze into my suitcase!

Cactus, cactus and more cactus.

My every year picture of the shrubbery back lit by the morning sun.

Palm trees. Yep. We know we are in Southern California. (Unfortunately the haze/smog lets us know we are here too.)

Years and years ago a Chinese family erected 4 plaster lions in front of their house. A little out of place but picturesque..

Yes, yours truly in walking attire.

And back home after an hour and 15 minutes. Good. Now I don't have to feel guilty if I eat a pastrami sandwich today.

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