Saturday, July 24, 2010

Leiya's birthday!


The trouble with birthdays coming so close together or coming right around holidays is that everyone has or is or is going to celebrate. Tetsu's birthday was the day before yesterday. Leiya's is today. Last year I wrote about how we celebrated Tetsu's and though I sent Leiya an e-mail message (and had bought her a present earlier in the summer) she was quite disappointed that I didn't mention her birthday on my blog. THIS YEAR I'M MENTIONING IT, LEIYA!

Actually my blog seems to say that yesterday was Saturday the 24th but that's because my computer is still on Japanese time. Leiya's birthday is the 24th and she is, oh my gosh, 21 this year!!!

No really current pictures and none in my computer of Leiya before 2001. Ah well, some glimpses of how she has changed through the years.

This was a New Year picture of Leiya dressing up in a winter kimono. She started out being very Japanese, didn't she?

This is from Leiya' elementary school graduation. I just thought it was interesting to show how formal all the ceremonies are in Japan. She's in her jr high school uniform and formally accepting her diploma.

In 2002, Leiya joined the jr. high kendo team and she was big, bad and scary! In her third year of kendo (Japanese bamboo sword fighting) she held the anchor position on her team and was EXCELLENT!

Leiya as an American high school student in Ohio.

And the most recent (though still from a few months ago) picture of Leiya as a college student. The all American girl (but no tattoos as far as I can see. Multiple ear piercings... grrr.)

Happy Birthday Leiya! See you in a few days!!!

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