Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Thank you for your blessings. Today I will get the binding on Maxine/Marcy's prayer quilt... Should I just go ahead and do some simple quilting on it? (I've got 4 days right?) or tie it myself, or suggest family and friends tie it at the funeral and then give it to Marcy (I won't know most of the people... It is a little awkward, but it was supposed to be a prayer quilt.) I just want Marcy to know that we love her and that we know her mother was a wonderful person... She had to have been to have raised a daughter like Marcy.

Not too much getting done. Finishing up the last days of English by playing Monopoly in my English classes. Actually someone once gave me a Star Wars Monopoly game that is very popular with the boys, and also a Dog-opoly which the girls seem to like... Gives them all practice in counting and saying numbers. I don't know what else... Helps them be more decisive? (what to buy?) I find that Japanese children don't "enjoy" board games like American kids do. Too worried about messing up other people's plays... Too afraid to make a dumb move. Very conservative in their strategy (if they even have any...)

One of these days I should start packing!

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