Saturday, July 03, 2010

Prayer quilt #?

Wow! Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Usually my birthday goes by with very little celebration. I've never had so many best wishes before!! Really made my day! (and made my week and my blogging life in general!)

Yesterday I was up in the sewing room putting together a prayer quilt. I had told Leiya that I was making one and she asked how long it would take.

"About half the day. I have made so many of these that I can do it with my eyes closed. I don't even need to check the pattern anymore."

Hah! I should have checked the pattern. That will teach me not to brag. I went along sewing (and praying) and got to having four quarters of the quilt ready to be joined.

Um. They don't fit... Duh. Two were supposed to have been made as mirror images, Tanya.

Rip, rip, rip. What a waste of time. I know that it is the prayers that count not the quilt but still I want something that looks nice. An hour later I was back at the original joining point and finally got the quilt together as one piece.

I'm not so sure about the colors and patterns. The squares sort of blend into each other. And I didn't have any solid fabric left over for a solid border. Prayers, Tanya. The prayers are important.

This has to be sandwiched and bound and I'll take it to the States with me to be tied by my family.

How do you like it against the new blue-gray carpet?

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