Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer fun

It has been a hot couple of days around here and the whole family piled into the swimming pool trying to cool off.

Even Grandma and the dogs got in there! Well, the dogs swim... Grandma doesn't. She wanted to get her feet wet but I was afraid the sun would be too strong for her so I rigged up a "tent" made of her walker and a large beach towel. Who knew that a walker could be so versatile! Grandma enjoyed being part of the playtime and cooling off.

I found Grandma sitting on the porch looking out in space (yes, she's in a jacket! Why in this heat?!) and took out some handwork to keep her company. She found this quite a fascinating process and "helped" by holding pieces.

"I don't see how you have the patience to do all that!"

"How many of these are you going to make?"

"How many more do you have to do?"

In the course of 30 minutes I heard those lines about 10 times...

And this was the result. I had cut two sets of the Alabama Beauty block to carry on the plane with me (yes, in the last 20 minutes before leaving to catch the bus!) but didn't get much done on the flight over. I did NOT bring the templates with me so no more on this project I guess.

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