Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sunny and green

Choco and I took a walk around the fields yesterday on an unusually sunny day. I took pictures of some of the green.

A rice field and bamboo forest.

A tiny frog taking a sun bath.

A rice field stone post. It says Tochigi, which is the name of our prefecture.

The stone wall along the highway covered with moss. This is pretty typical around here. Everything is so damp that even the walls and stones are covered with this vibrant green moss!

Hydrangeas abound! I could drown you with hydrangea pictures!

My neighbor, Kyoko-san tending her vegetable garden. She has a Little House on the Prairie type bonnet on (very popular in Japan) and a net that is made to fit over the brim and around the face to protect her from bugs. That round thing at her waist is mosquito repellent incense that is burning and keeps her engulfed in smoke while she is working. With arm bands, knee guards, rubber boots and rubber gloves she looks well protected. (And HOT!)

And here is Choco at the end of our walk taking a dip in the stream that supplies water to the rice fields. Though Choco doesn't much like water, on hot days she happily dives into this stream and wades up and down a few minutes. One of these days she is likely to pull me into it with her!

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