Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another baby quilt

I've started another quilt. This time it is a small baby quilt for a pool friend's grandchild.

Bajiwa-san is from Pakistan and we two are the only regular foreigners who come to the pool. Bajiwa-san and Tetsu spend most of their time talking and Bajiwa-san and I speak to each other in Japanese. He doesn't speak English and I certainly don't speak Hindi or whatever...

A group of us from the pool have gone out to dinner together to a Indian curry place that I love and that Bajiwa-san frequents. So far that is about the only place that we can all eat dinner together because since Bajiwa-san is Islamic he does not eat beef or pork nor even chicken that hasn't been sanctified in a certain way. Sort of limits our getting together but since we see him every night at the pool I guess we don't have to be eating together...

Another interesting thing about Bajiwa-san is that he has two wives! Wow! Am I ever curious about that! One wife lives in Pakistan, one is Japanese... I asked how the wives liked that arrangement and he said that it usually causes a lot of headaches (the men are allowed four wives) but when he took his Japanese wife to Pakistan a couple of years ago, the two women got along very well. Talk about open mindedness on the Japanese wife's part!

Anyway, Bajiwa-san just became a grandfather for the first time last month and I decided I wanted to make his grandchild a simple quilt... Lots of Leader/Enders used. I'm hand quilting this week but I need to get this done by early November when Bajiwa-san and his daughter-in-law and grandchild go back for a visit to Pakistan.

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