Monday, October 25, 2010

Japanese Vegetable Soup

I don't seem to be taking many pictures lately...

Yesterday our church had a vegetable stew party outdoors so I was busy on Saturday shopping for that. Sunday morning I took off early and met a couple other members and we made soup at a Christian outdoor facility not too far from us.

Japanese vegetable soup recipe
Daikon (icicle radish)
Gobo (burdock root)
Slimy potatoes
Chinese cabbage
Japanese shiitake mushrooms
Deep fried tofu
Green onions
Konyaku (gelatinous potato block)
Dashi (fish soup stock)
Soy sauce


Chop everything up. Throw into a big pot. Simmer over fire until vegetables are tender. Add miso. Eat with rice balls and Japanese pickles! Tastes best in the company of good friends!

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