Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Cold! Cold! Cold! I know there are people elsewhere in the world that live in colder situations. I know I've got access to long underwear, ski gloves, space heaters and hot water, but I'm still cold. (And trying to count my blessings while I'm at it.) I bought some horrendously expensive ski gloves in hopes that they would keep my fingers from freezing during crosswalk duty and let's say that they allow my fingers to thaw faster than the officially issued gloves did. I expected a bit more heat efficiency for my money but I must admit that they are a slight improvement.

I've been trying to keep Choco warm with pieces of carpet, old floor mats and blankets but she seems to like tearing them up more than sleeping on them. She will NOT sleep in her dog house no matter how nice I try to make it. Everything gets dragged out into the cold. We have learned that cushions and old futon (so nice and fluffy) turn to polyester SNOW in our yard when Choco starts tearing into them so she has to live with thin blankets... Choco does get let into the house in the evenings after the English kids have gone home, and she has a warm kennel/cage that she appreciates throughout the night. For all her faults we do love her you know...

Toi escaped for a little bit yesterday, but he likes his soft living and came back within the hour to the relative warmth of the living room. He and Patora are very happy that I bought an oil radiator recently that "gently" heats a room and keeps the bite out of the bedroom air during the night. Those two cats have found a warm spot behind the radiator. Look closely. Toi is behind the radiator slats.

Cleo and Vel are huddled in their cat box that I've rigged with TWO mat heaters and blankets. Their room is perpetually cold unless I go upstairs to sew a bit (haven't gotten too much machine sewing in lately) so I feel they deserve their warm haven. Sort of like two bears in hibernation. There is an electric heater in the room too and I've opened the door and found it operating a few times. Vel and Cleo walk across the heater to get to the sunny window and they accidently step on the buttons. Either that or they've learned how to warm to room.

Mi and Chip take turns claiming the mat in front of the floor heater or else the heater itself. The heater is kerosene but a fan blows the air out and the top of the heater just gets toasty warm, it does not turn into a stove spot... I'm not going to have a roasted cat. If anyone sits down Mi and Chip vie for a warm lap which they think is even better than electric heat.

We are all trying to keep warm. I have a feeling the electricity bill is going to be high this month!

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