Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happiness bag

No news yet from the Child Protection Services about Y-kun. I should just go ahead and write a card and keep it so that I can send it off immediately when and if I do hear...

The clock in yesterday's post was in a fukubukuro, "Happiness bag" that I bought just after the turn of the year. Japanese departments store always have a big sales day on January 1st or 2nd and they sell bags of surprise stuff for quite a large price cut. $30 a bag, $50 a bag, $100 a bag etc. I don't really like these sales because though you can probably get a lot for your money, I want to choose how I spend, not just open a bag and be surprised. More and more people are probably feeling the same way and so recently the department stores are saying

"Here is a very cheap fukubukuro and LOOK what is inside it!"

Yes! They let you see what the assortment of goodies are and thus you can choose. I happened to be at some store NOT looking at Happiness bags. I was looking for a toilet cover. And there were these bags with toilet covers peaking out of the mouths of the bags and for a lot cheaper than the toilet covers were on the wall! Okay... Maybe I'll look at those Happiness bags after all. They were going quickly though... In this bag? Toilet cover, slippers, a pencil case, and a wall clock. A cat wall clock! (Well, maybe it is trying to be a lion) and all those colorful "leaders/enders" around it. Well, I have a new appreciation for Happiness bags and I grabbed the wall clock fukubukuro before someone else could claim it. And there you have the story of how I got the cute clock... Yes, it resides in my sewing room (of course) and doesn't photograph well because of the window reflection.

Okay... And is it crass to show my toilet cover? (Yes~~) I've now got fruit in my bathroom...

Quilty stuff? I started doing a little embroidery on the cat faces of my Kitty Memories quilt (remember that one? Forgot? I almost did too! It was folded and waiting for me.) Right now I don't have any handwork by my chair... no quilting or piecing, so I thought I'd plod away on the embroidery. I find though that after I had paper pieced the border and then removed the paper, the seams were all coming undone! YIKES! That will be a nightmare if the whole thing unravels so I spent some time late last night stabilizing the edges... thus didn't get much done on the embroidery...

Today Lorraine from Australia is coming to visit our quilting group again! I wonder what things she will have to inspire us!

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