Friday, February 11, 2011


I had fun yesterday with my patchwork friends but didn't get to see Lorraine after all. The forecast of snow caused a concern from some members who live far away and Mrs. Okutomi didn't want to risk it. Lorraine will be in Japan until March so hopefully she'll be able to come next month...

So, with three of our members not attending yesterday the rest of us did things like making leaves for our bazaar tree and stars for the border. We still need a few more border stars but that is this month's homework. Mrs. Harada seems to have dedicated herself to appliqueing leaves and though these are not all on yet, MOST of the leaves have been sewn on by her. I've appliqued ONE leaf so far.

Our least confident member (LCM) really got into gear and worked long and hard on a few of her homework pieces. She wouldn't even stop for lunch!

"When I get started I get into a rhythm... it's getting started that is hard."

We all feel a little guilty for pushing this friend into doing our patchwork game. She is a very busy woman and when she sits, she likes to chat more than sew. But she is such a big part of our group bringing lots of laughter and insights, and we know she loves the end results of our patchwork games that we STRONGLY suggested she participate again and we PROMISED to forgive tardiness and slow work. Mrs. Furui often ends up tutoring or making up "kits" just so our LCM can participate. It would probably be easier for Mrs. Furui to do all the work in the LCM's place but yesterday our LCM really got a lot done.

"Oh, that is so wonderful! You're doing such a great job and you are working so fast! Look how much Mrs. XXX has accomplished today! Isn't she doing beautiful work?!"

LCM was shyly pleased with all the praise but she did humbly say,

"It seems unfair that when someone like me, who isn't very good at something finally gets it done she gets showered with compliments and praise. No one bats an eye when the rest of you do things beautifully and on time and get twice as much accomplished."

That's one of the reasons we love our LCM.

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