Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I'm in a rush.

I wrote to Y-kun and I talked with someone who knows something about him and all they could tell me is that he can't be returned to his home still but he is doing fine where he is right now.

The two cats have been gone since Sunday. Maybe into the forest, maybe into the neighborhood. One friend said she has seen them in various parts of the neighborhood for the past couple weeks so maybe they were just traveling and making a rest stop at my porch. They are large males and are making a lot of racket.

My friends Rumi-san and Mrs. Nakazawa have been over a couple times to work on their Irish Chain quilts that I'm trying to teach them. AND they each wanted to make another Happy Village so they came to do that bringing another friend. Boy, when they catch the patchwork and quilting bug they REALLY catch it. They also are doing handwork homework and both came with finished Bethlehem Star blocks.

I slowly continue embroidering cat faces on my Tessellating Cats quilt top. Is that a cute cat? I tried making the eyes bigger and I decided appliqueing eyes were easier than completely embroidering. How many more of these do I have to do?

Busy kindergarten day today! Bye!

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