Monday, March 07, 2011

Cats and cold

My hubby has a business trip to Tokyo today. He does this maybe once a year. We are such country bumpkins... I wonder if he can navigate the subways. I sure can't! He asked me what I wanted him to bring back... Sometimes he has brought me English books but since I have a Kindle now I guess I don't need him to go the English bookstores. Anyway, I need to drive him to the station this morning before I go off to the pre-school so this will be short. And it is snowing again!!! I hope I can get back home this afternoon before it gets too deep!

So.... how about a cat picture or two.

Here are Mi, Toi and Patora sitting on a warm mat. Toi and Patora are great friends. Mi gets along with everyone.

And here are Velvet, Cleo, Chip and Mi. On the same mat (and in front of the heater.) Velvet and Cleo get let out while Toi and Patora howl and eat the door frame of the laundry room. When those two see Velvet and Cleo the fur flies!

Okay everyone. Find a cozy place. It is going to be another cold day.

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