Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15 Japan

Good morning.

The scheduled blackout didn't happen but the news continues to tell us that they will start the rolling at any time. I went to the pre-school as normal yesterday morning and then made my way into Utsunomiya to buy essentials. Essentials being toothpaste, (found) toilet paper (none), canned foods (peaches and sweet beans), kerosene (none), dog and cat food (found), thread (none... the craft shop was closed.) In fact most stores are now closed. I made a stop at the vet to pick up special cat food for our cats with urinary tract problems, I tried the various drugstores and home hardware stores but they are closed. I did find a supermarket open that still has a good supply of vegetables and meat but not things that can be eaten uncooked.

And once home I am laying low. The gas lines are long and it doesn't look we'll get more gasoline for awhile.

Church on Sunday was filled... filled meaning maybe 30 people as compared to the usual 20. And many of the regular members couldn't get there because they live in the next city over. But everyone is cheerful and prayerful. A few tears thinking of our fellow citizens in the north.

Am I too blase about all this? Sometimes I feel so. We have constant aftershocks... all night we are awakened by strong ones but the little ones hardly give me a rise anymore. Sometimes I imagine that the house is sitting on a large truck that is idling... An occasional jiggle every couple minutes... nothing scary. The aftershocks at night wake us up and then it is hard to get to sleep again. Not out of fear but because there are so many things to think about.

Should I have bought more dog food?
Now, how is God going to make good out of all this?
I need to give Takumi and Leiya banking information in case I can't get into my American account.
I ought to bring out different heating options... An old kotatsu (blanketed table) could be warmed by hot water bottles and warm cat bodies...

You can see my thoughts fly from here to there.

In my own way I am trying to adjust our lifestyle. As advised, I've pulled the appliance plugs out of all the outlets when they are not it use. Every little bit of energy saved is necessary. I filled a water tank with a water supply in case the water lines stop. Everything is off of the shelves and cupboard tops in case the aftershocks get stronger. I walked to the crosswalk this morning instead of driving two minutes to get there.

Someone; the TV, the local government, the people in authority; do not give us reliable news. Is there school today? Isn't there school today? Which part of the city is supposed to have blackouts today and if we are supposedly in the middle of one why is it I still have TV and computer access? So, are the radiation levels rising or not? Some reports tell us one thing, some reports tell another.

No English today (no one can drive out this far) so I am going to be quilting. And I've noticed that our TV antenna is about to fall off the roof so I'll have to contact someone about fixing that. I don't want to worry about it falling on my head when I run out the door escaping from falling books!

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