Sunday, March 06, 2011

March Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous post today...

Y-kun returned to my English class on Thursday night. His grandmother just dropped him off so I didn't have a chance to talk with her. Nothing from Y-kun either about his being away. English class went as it normally does which means in mild chaos. It is amazing to me that while Y-kun was gone I would morosely contemplate his fate and wonder how I could make his life easier...

"Ah, if only Y-kun were here I would give him lots of love and be patient with him and try to show him what a normal life is..."

But the minute he is back in my house, with all the screaming and teasing and chasing cats and fighting and accusations and arguing I just think "let me get through this hour. I can hardly wait til he goes home." I don't know what his home life is like right now... whether his mother is around or not.

I'm still embroidering faces on cats. There is an ugly cat or two. I guess there is always an ugly cat in the crowd. That's what makes them interesting. Still 12 to go...sigh.

I counted up my WIP.

  • Applique BOM blocks that need to be put together somehow. I am ignoring them.
  • The Tessalating Cats embroidery.
  • Drunkard's Path that needs to be quilted.
  • A secret quilt.
  • The Alphabet Soup quilt which needs machine sewing.
  • 2 Happy Village quilts that my friends have made that need to be machine quilted too.
  • And a Log Cabin block that I crossed off the list last night. This is for the block swap game and officially I filled my quota of log cabin blocks a few months ago. But Mrs. Furui had a suggestion about sprinkling stars in the quilt by adding an odd corner so of course I had to try one more block.
I've got my work cut out for me and labled "UPSTAIRS" for machine work and "DOWNSTAIRS" for work in front of the TV.

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