Sunday, June 05, 2011


Okay. I'm bored (I never thought I'd ever say that!) so even though there isn't any news I'll just keep blogging. Poor you.

This is the view from where I sit. Left over breakfast on the left. The remote control for the lights. The remote control for the TV. Beyond that, my Kindle. A bowl holding sewing implements. Reading glasses, a card from my friend, scissors. In front of that my cell phone and my camera.

My computer. Beyond that the Alabama Beauty block I did yesterday. An envelope of medicine. My coffee cup.

I am wrapped in a blanket (though it is not cold. It makes me feel like Heidi's Clara in her wheelchair with a blanket over her legs) and there is one cat under the blanket at my feet and another on top of the blanket at my feet. They growl at each other through the blanket.

Tetsu finally went to work this morning even though it is a Sunday. He is carrying the world on his shoulders. He takes care of me and worries that I might fall when he is not around.

"Do not let that cell phone out of reaching distance!"

He cleans house. He shouts at cats who are fighting or being a nuisance. He yells at Choco who is complaining about not being taken for her regular walk. This morning I reluctantly reminded him that today is "clean the neighborhood day" and he sighed loudly and joined other residents out cutting weeks and cleaning gutters. He does grocery shopping and tried cooking.

Occasionally Tetsu asks what I want. "What do you want for dinner?" "What do you want me to do before I leave?" What do you want me to shop for?" But my answer is always, "Anything is fine." because I don't want to make more work for him. I don't know what annoys him more, a vague answer or a request to go find something I'm not even sure where I've put. Sigh... Who knew that one person out of action could cause so many problems.

My friend, Kaoru-san, brought over lunch for me today and even under shirts and things that she has found useful when she was in the hospital. Yeah! And I've asked her to go buy me a couple things in ladies clothing... I'm sure Tetsu will be happy to be relieved from that duty. He is of the old generation and in his book, men do NOT buy women's clothing for them.

I am being cared for!

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