Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just Another Day

Hello everyone!

My dad e-mailed me today to let me know that the surgery went well. However my mom is not up and moving around on her own yet. She is little bit dissapointed that she can't walk. I think she wants to go back to her daily life up and busy! But this is a good time to take some time off and rest.

Hi! I'm Yanna, Leiya's roommate. Since you don't know me, I'll just tell you a little bit about my day, and maybe you will understand more about me.

I study architecture and design, so right now I'm working at a small furniture store. Today we did't have many costomers, so most of my day consisted of browsing the internet, contemplating what Leiya and I would write about for this blog, and reading Pride & Prejudice.

I have never read it before and, though I am enjoying it, I have to admit that my brain is getting a lot of exercise. I find myself getting lost in words like "thither" and "unalloyed inclination".

Right now, Leiya and I are at a friend's apartment getting ready to play phase 10 (a card game) and have dinner.

Hello! This is Leiya, we just finished dinner, and it was excellent! I have an amazing friend who can cook almost all kinds of food, and today we had Tempura, spicy chicken, fish sticks, rice, and beef curry. We are stuffed! :) I won phase 10, and Yanna came in 6th (last lol). All in all it was a good day with friends. Now it is time to head back to the apartment.

There are lots of great things about our apartment, but here are some of the problems that we have:
1. Bugs- disgusting centipedes, ants, and spiders.
2. Obnoxious neighbors- they fight too much, party a lot, and never say 'hello' in the parkinglot.
3. No air conditioning, or laundry, or peep hole- :(
4. No internet- which is why we didn't get to post anything last night (bad excuse).
5. Very noisy train- Passing by our apartment about 5 times a day and some in the middle of the night.
6. Bad roommates- Yanna is too motherly and laughs too much! Leiya says 'hanged' too often (instead of hung) and has too many large pieces of art in the apartment!

These things are what make our apartment homey.

We do not have any pictures today.. But pretty soon we will :)

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