Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Odds and Ends

I am back on a regular schedule. I went to crosswalk duty this morning... I leave in a few minutes for the pre-school. The principal and I will have to make some changes in how I teach (from a chair?) and I don't think I can fend for myself with the kids come rushing at me to give me "high fives". Should I admit that I am too old for this job?

My weekend was uneventful but filled with little things. I took apart the Hopscotch-Butterscotch quilt and added another row of blocks (rather than add a big border). I can see where the repair job is but I doubt that anyone else will look that closely (except Mrs. Furui).

Mrs. Furui, by the way, took two of our quilts to the hospital where she volunteers. The hospital has a Donald McDonald House (yes... not Ronald McDonald in Japan. Donald McDonald) and they have 20 beds that they would like to decorate with quilts. The measurements we were given were 205 centimeters by 150 centimeters but looking at the pictures the facility forwarded, the quilts seem a little short to me... Which doesn't help with my Hopscotch-Butterscotch quilt because even with the extra row of blocks it only turns out to be 200 centimeters.

The first quilt is Mrs. Furui's. Her soft colors are so nice. And this is all hand quilted.

The second quilt is mine. A lot of scraps. Sort of strange machine quilting. There are three beds in that room so I guess my Hopscotch-Butterscotch quilt needs to get quilted!

Tetsu got in another cleaning binge this weekend and declared that my sewing room needed to be cleaned out. True. It is hot and muggy up there and two cats living in it do not help. So we cleaned, or at least Tetsu cleaned. I kept gathering up odds and ends that I'd set down on surfaces and were rolling around while Tetsu moved furniture. Yes! He rearranged my sewing room and wouldn't let me help with my bad knee. I didn't really need/want the room rearranged. And of course when Tetsu had an arrangement that he liked I would pipe up...

"That's a great idea Tetsu... But actually I need to have the sewing machine on the RIGHT side of the room..."

"Wow, you moved that bookshelf all by yourself.. But you know... I really need to be able to get to the table so that I can cut fabric on it... Could you put it back where it was?"

By the end of the cleaning binge Tetsu was not in such a good mood anymore. I appreciate the thought but quilters need to decide their own arrangement of the sewing room.

Right now my sewing room has my ancient sewing machine in it because "gasp" I've seen my regular sewing machine out for repairs! There were so many little things not working anymore that I found a sewing machine repair place and they came and took my sewing machine away. Depending on how much this is going to cost me I will either get my beloved regular machine fixed or think about a new one. The ancient sewing machine is complaining and may not last the week!

Off I go to preschool!

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