Friday, June 08, 2012

5:00 am scenery

Choco and I got started early this morning again. 5:00 am.

The sun had just come up but the fog hadn't completely lifted.

The rice fields were glittering as was the stream. You can see we get a lot of water around here. So quenching to my Southern California eyes.

Choco and I checked out the forest.

"Are you coming, Mom?"

Speaking of checking out things. While I took this picture Choco heard tweeting in the wheat field and took a romp. I could hear a rustle-rustle-rustle and occasionally see a black head bounce through the stalks.

"Choco come back!!! Ding-dang-dog! The farmers don't want you in their fields!"

Flowers along the roadside and on the field edges.

Poppies are abundant!

And I was ever so pleased to capture a heron flying past the morning sun!

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