Thursday, June 28, 2012

Early in the week

Miscellaneous pictures today...

We had a lot of rain last week (well, we're in the rainy season) and I found interesting spider web sculptures in the early morning. I'm sure the webs are there even in good weather but they are just not as visible as they are after a rain.

This is what the webs look like on the bushes...

And this is looking BETWEEN the web and the bushes... The webs catch the rain like a net.

Yesterday at the kindergarten the children were excited about the baby bunnies that were born not too long ago.

Three weeks ago the mama bunny was still keeping her babies hidden in the hutch. Last week when I saw them (I forgot my bag last week right? No camera that day!) they were no bigger than my thumb and no one was allowed to touch them.

This week, they have doubled their growth and the children have supervised access. Cutest little things!!! (Bunnies AND children of course.)

Do I want a bunny? Yes, I do but I will spare a bunny the trials of trying to live with cats. No bunnies for me. But they are so sweet.


And this week five of us who many years ago were kindergarten mother friends, went out for a long lunch. Mrs. Kaneko moved to other places in Japan in March but she was back for a job. Mrs. Watanabe (same name... not me) lives in California (same state, not me) and she was back for a two week vacation. We got caught up in chatting for a couple of hours and finally were told the restaurant was closing so everyone came back to my house for an hour before my teaching began. My cats were very friendly and though my friends are dog lovers, they were enchanted by friendly Mi.

A good week so far!

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