Thursday, June 21, 2012


What's new? Not much I guess. Wednesday is my busy day but it is all pretty routine.

Wednesdays I do crosswalk duty from 7:30 to 8:00.

After that I leave home by 8:45 and go to the kindergarten. There I have two 5 year old classes, 2 four year old classes and 1 three year old class. For each class I bring story books (often different books for each age) posters, props, (a clock this week) and this computer because I have teaching videos in it. Of course mouse and computer cord.

At lunch time I make a quick stop at Starbucks or MacDonalds or someplace and spend about 45 minutes eating and reading my Kindle.

From 1:15 I'm at some friend's house for a ladies English class. I bring the books we use and an electronic dictionary.

From 4:00 I'm on the other side of town with three elementary school students. With them I use different books and workbooks, the computer and accessories, a white board with marker and eraser, and usually a card game or something to play if we have any time left over.

All this means that I leave my house on Wednesday morning with three or four large bags; (one is the Long Beach Quilt Festival bag!) English bags, computer bag, handbag. (Heaven forbid I start carrying around my camera bag too!) Every week I get to one place or another and realize I've forgotten one or two things. No marker, or no cell phone, or no Kindle, or no money... It is always something. I get so dang annoyed with myself. I usually blame it on my frenzied attempts to get out of the house Wednesday morning on time.

Yesterday I had an extra hour (no crosswalk duty because of the typhoon). I carefully packed my bags.

"All my books? Check! My Kindle and cell phone? Check! Check! Computer mouse? Check! Kindergarten posters? Game? Check! Check! Money? (I slipped money into my electronic dictionary) Check! I have absolutely everything! Nothing being forgotten on a Wednesday will be a first with me!"

I loaded the car and left the house at 8:45. I stopped at the gas station to buy gasoline.

Where is my handbag? NO HANDBAG! I'd left the whole BAG in the entryway! That meant no wallet, no Kindle, no driver's license, no cell phone, no lipstick. NO MONEY! Wait. Here is my electronic dictionary. I do have money.

I filled my gas tank and the attendant wanted to know if I had a members' card.

"No. I forgot my card."

And everything else.

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