Saturday, June 09, 2012

Love your neighbor

Yesterday I was shopping in the town when I noticed an older lady standing in front of me at the cash register. Ah, I know her. She lives in our neighborhood somewhere and often rides her bicycle to the local supermarket. Did she ride all the way into town? The lady noticed me too and we nodded to each other. When I was leaving, I went over and asked if she had come to town on bicycle or if she was with someone.

"No. I rode my bicycle to the bus stop and took the bus into town today."

"Well, I'm headed back home, why don't I give you a ride back if you are finished with your errands."

The lady was quite surprised especially since we didn't even know each others' names. After a few protests saying it would cause me too much trouble, she accepted my offer and the two of us drove back to the neighborhood and to where she'd left her bicycle. We had a nice conversation and I feel like I have a new friend!


I am still plugging away at my BOM embroidery but every time I pick up the needle I realize how much finer work it is compared to quilting or piecing. I STRUGGLE to see those stitches and NOW I remember my resolution not to do any more embroidery!

My friends Mrs. Nakazawa and Rumi-san are making a New Testament sampler quilt. And for the center block I set them to embroidering their favorite Bible verse. Mrs. Nakazawa chose "Love your neighbor as yourself." And Mrs. Nakazawa is planning to make TWO New Testament quilts so that means TWO embroidery blocks. But the last time Mrs. Nakazawa came for patchwork she mentioned that she was having trouble seeing and was scheduled for cataract surgery.

Mrs. Nakazawa has put her half finished embroidery block on hold until she can see better. That's ONE block. Hey, I can see just fine and I STILL have trouble with embroidery. I doubt that fine needlework is good for Mrs. Nakazawa right now, so......

I did her second block for her. She's been working on the same verse with a different kitty (Mrs. Nakazawa is my kitty mentor) so I hope she'll be able to use this one. The embroidery design is from Red Brolly and there are so many cute kitties on the website, it was hard to pick!

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