Monday, June 04, 2012

Tsuruga Castle

More of the weekend.

Driving along... not really having a plan in mind... Tetsu and I came across the Fukushima (Aizuwakamatsu) Tsuruga Castle. That sounds interesting. Let's go see what that's all about.

In Japanese history there were samurai lords and clans that built castles and ruled the countryside engaging in battles, directing the peasants and farmers. In many cities, the stone castle walls can still be seen, usually turned into city parks and cultural areas. A few cities have rebuilt the castles and allow people inside and up to the top battlements.

Like many castles, Tsurugajo (castle) is surrounded by a moat.

Moat and me.

My samurai.

The castle has been turned into a very well cared for museum filled with artifacts and implements, explanations (in English...) and things for people to enjoy. Here is Tetsu sitting at a lord's place overseeing his castle.

Oh my! I want to be a lady in waiting! The kimono was just set in the alcove with an invitation for anyone to try it on. I felt a little silly posing while people passed by on all sides but if was fun for me and fun for people bowing to me and playing along with the scenario.

From the top of the castle looking down on the city.

And the castle itself.

As we were leaving a samurai warrior recruited me. Do I make a better warrior or lady in waiting?

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