Thursday, November 29, 2012


Yesterday after teaching at the kindergarten, Mrs. Furui asked me to pop in upstairs at the church to give a mini-pronunciation lesson to the Mother's Choir.  They hardly needed my help.

Mrs. Furui and Mrs. Takagishi have led the Mother's Choir for the past 16 years.  Sometimes they are practicing children's songs for performing at the kindergarten, sometimes they lend harmony to the children's programs..  This year they will be singing O Holy Night (in English) at the kindergarten Christmas program and at the church Christmas Eve service.

As local churches go (outside of Tokyo), this is a fairly large church... I'm not sure how so in membership, but the physical room is quite large.  By the way, every church I've ever attended in Japan has the narrow desk space attached to the pews.  Japanese Christians (the less than 1% of the population) are very studious, taking notes and keeping the weekly bulletins for years past. The cushions in this church were all hand made (I think I helped with that project) and the pews get pushed around for easy church cleaning (and to make play area space for the children in the Mother's Choir.)

No pipe organ in this church (I think the only pipe organ in the city is at the Catholic church) but there is a small foot pedal organ that gets played on Sundays.  The Mother's Choir sings with the piano.

Psst~~  Some of my long time visitors may remember my posts about our Least Confident Member in our patchwork group.  Referred to LCM.  Please visit this blog post to see what I'm talking about....

Our LCM is actually the MOST EXCELLENT PIANIST!  MEP!  She is amazing!!!  An extremely valuable part of the kindergarten music program from any standpoint... teaching piano to the kindergarten teachers, teaching rhythm and chime instruments to the children, co-directing the Mother's Choir, planning music programs throughout the kindergarten year. Ah!!  Listening to her accompany makes me want to sing!!  And I'm not much of a singer!

Isn't it grand that God gives us all different talents?!

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